Wearable Devices That Have a Galvanometer

The following devices include a Galvanometer.

We define "Galvanometer" as a device that transduces electrical current into mechanical movement.

Microsoft Band 2

Worn on the Wrist and used for Lifestyle applications.
This fitness tracker allows users to receive email, text, calendar, and call alerts on the go. The continuous heart rate monitor tracks...

Microsoft Band

Worn on the Wrist and used for Lifestyle & Fitness applications.
The Microsoft Band is a smartwatch designed to provide actionable health insights and push notifications to the user. The health insights...

Basis Peak

Worn on the Wrist and used for Fitness & Lifestyle applications.
The Basis Peak is a health and fitness tracker designed to analyse and record the number of steps taken, calories burned, heart rate,...

Metria IH1

Worn on the Arm and used for Fitness & Medical applications.
The Metria IH1 is a disposable wearable device that detects the user's skin temperature and activity. This piece of technology is worn on...