Fitbit Charge HR

Body Location

Worn on the Wrist

Primary Application

Fitness & Lifestyle

About Charge HR

The Fitbit Charge HR is a fitness oriented smartband which is able to display notifications and track activity and sleep. This wearable device builds on the previous model, the Fitbit Charge, by adding an optical heart rate monitor which adds an additional metric to increase the accuracy of its sleep and activity tracking features. The Charge HR is water resistant up to 1 ATM, so the user may use the device in the shower or during swimming. Using Bluetooth 4.0, the Fitbit Charge HR can automatically synchronize with compatible phones, tablets, and computers.



Device Name

Charge HR


$149.95 USD


Heart Rate Monitor, OLED Display, Button Interface, Accelerometer, Clock & Vibrator

Power Source

Rechargeable Battery




iOS, Android, Windows & OSX

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