Garmin Vivofit

Body Location

Worn on the Wrist

Primary Application

Lifestyle & Fitness

About Vivo

The Garmin Vivofit is a wearable wrist band that measures activity levels, sleeping patterns and heart rate. This device has a wireless connectivity allowing wireless uploads of fitness data to the computer. Vivofit works even when sleeping, this hi tech device will measure the total sleep hours and sleeping movements. Using the online Garmin connect software, the user can view a complete picture of the fitness activities and recovery of training sessions. This device comes in five different colors and adjustable bands for different size wrist.



Device Name



$179.99 CAD


Undisclosed, Accelerometer & Heart Rate Monitor

Power Source

Disposable Battery


Bluetooth, Proprietary & ANT+


Undisclosed & Windows

Workplace Usage Overview

Garmin Vivofit can be used to improve safety in the workplace thanks to sleep patterns analysis leading to fatigue and risk avoidance. Collection and study of bodily data can also help in preserving physical health of workers. Finally, as healthier and rested worker can potentially provide work in greater quantity and/or quality, the device can ultimately maximize productivity.

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