Devices Powered by Disposable Battery

The following devices are powered by Disposable Batteries.

We define "Disposable Batteries" as a batteries that is designed to be used once and cannot be recharged.

iHeart Internal Age

Worn on the Fingers and used for Fitness & Lifestyle applications.
The iHeart Internal Age is a device that measures aortic pulse wave velocity, resting heart rate and blood oxygen levels. The device is...

Vuzix M3000 Smart Glasses

Worn on the Head and used for Industrial & Medical applications.
Vuzix M3000 Smart Glasses delivers a “hands free” digital world, providing unprecedented access to information, data collection and...

VinCense WHMS

Worn on the Wrist and used for Medical applications.
VinCense consists of a wearable (a device worn on the wrist like a watch), an Android app and a database accessible from a Web interface....


Worn on the Wrist and used for Medical & Lifestyle applications.
The QMedic wearable device detects anomalies in mobility & sleep against the member’s baseline, enabling you to escalate remote triage...

Insulet Omnipod

Worn on the Body (Anywhere) and used for Medical applications.
The Omnipod Insulin Management System is comprised of a tubing-free, disposable insulin pump that is affixed to one's body, and a 'Personal...

BodyTel PressureTel

Worn on the Arm and used for Medical applications.
The PressureTel is a blood-pressure monitor from German telehealth company BodyTel that is able to transfer blood pressure readings via...

Polar FT4

Worn on the Wrist and used for Fitness applications.
Polar FT4M is a heart rate monitoring wearable device used for fitness training. This device continuous, accurate heart rate monitoring,...