Skully AR-1

Body Location

Worn on the Head

Primary Application

Lifestyle & Entertainment

About Skully AR-1

The Skully Helmet is a hi-tech motorcycle helmet that features a rear view camera, as well as navigation and connectivity to smart phones. The rear view camera has a 180 degree viewing angle which allow the user to view all blind spots while riding on the motorcycle. The GPS on the wearable device does not require cellular network from smartphone, it works individually by itself. Furthermore, Skully has voice control which allows the user to control functions on the smart phones such as music, text and calls.



Device Name

Skully AR-1

Consumer Release

July 2015


$1,499.00 USD


Photo Camera, Video Camera, GPS, Audio Speaker, Microphone & DLP Display

Power Source

Rechargeable Battery




iOS, Android, Blackberry & Windows Mobile

Immediate Workplace Benefits

Safety & Communication

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