Suunto Ambit2

Body Location

Worn on the Wrist

Primary Application


About Suunto Ambit2

Sunnto Ambit2 is a range of GPS enabled smart watches for athletes and explorers. Through durable yet stylish design, the devices combines sport and outdoor features with the Sunnto App platform, which allows users to access thousands of customizable features. In addition, data collected through the watch's various hardware features can be uploaded to the database, a online community which enables users to track, plan, and share their achievements. The device is especially useful for outdoor activities, as it features location-specific information such as temperature, sunrise and sunset times, storm alarms and tidal information.



Device Name

Suunto Ambit2


$255.00 USD


Barometer, GPS, Altimeter, LED Display, Button Interface & Heart Rate Monitor

Power Source

Rechargeable Battery





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