Body Location

Worn on the Wrist

Primary Application


About ZGPAX S5

The ZGPAX S5 is a wrist-worn wearable device that serves as a smart-watch. This wearable device is cellular enabled and has room for one SIM card. With a dual-core processor, camera and touch screen interface, for every practical purpose it is a fully-functional Android-powered smart phone crammed behind a 1.54 display that can be worn on the wrist.



Device Name



$119.00 USD


Accelerometer, Magnetometer, Gyroscope, GPS, Touch Interface, LCD Display, Button Interface, Ambient Light Sensor, Video Camera, Microphone, Audio Speaker, Vibrator, Clock & Compass

Power Source

Rechargeable Battery


Cellular Network, WiFi, Bluetooth & USB


Android & iOS

Workplace Applications

Mobile Workforce Communication, Mobile Worker Decision Support, Mobile Workforce Management & Productivity

Workplace Usage Overview

The ZGPAX runs a vanilla unlocked version of Android and therefore can be completely customized for workplace purposes. With the right software, the ZGPAX can be used to communicate with front-line workers in a hands-free unobtrusive way.

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