Air Scouter

Body Location

Worn on the Head

Primary Application


About Air Scouter

The Air Scouter is a wearable heads up display. It projects images in front of the user's eye on the lens of the glasses. This computing device is built for industrial purposes, specifically for device assembly and remote operation support. The technology's assembly support allows the user to access the information necessary to assemble complex devices. The remote operation support allows the user to receive audio and video instruction from off-site specialists.


Brother Industries Ltd.

Device Name

Air Scouter


$1,966.00 USD


DLP Display

Power Source

Rechargeable Battery




iOS, Windows, OSX & Android

Workplace Applications

Site Surveying, Complex Assembly Guidance, Assembly Line Monitoring, Remote Expert, Mobile Worker Decision Support, Mobile Workforce Management, Automated Environment Digitization, Cost Reduction, Productivity, Process Adherence, Industrial Process Monitoring, Mobile Workforce Communication, Intelligent Information Delivery, Digital Job Hazard Assessments & Occupational Health and Safety

Applicable Industries

Mining, Energy & Forestry

Workplace Usage Overview

Among other workplace applications for remote controlled flying drones, this device has workplace potential in the exploration and surveying segment of resource extraction industries, as it allows geologists to intuitively remote-control flying drones to assist with the surveying process.

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