Golden i Gen 3.8

Body Location

Worn on the Head

Primary Application


About Gen 3.8

Golden i Gen 3.8 is a mobile head-set computing system designed to improve safety and productivity in light industrial sectors. The device works as a hand-free tool with a built-in camera, and allows access to any information from anywhere via Bluetooth or WiFi. Gen 3.8 is made of two noise-cancelling microphones, a near-ear speaker and a microdisplay. It can be worn with a hard hat, a helmet, safety or regular glasses and works with applications customizable according to the user's professional field and needs.



Device Name

Gen 3.8


No Announcement Yet

Power Source

Rechargeable Battery


Bluetooth, WiFi & USB



Workplace Applications

Remote Expert, Complex Assembly Guidance, Predictive Maintenance, Pick and Pack, Assembly Line Monitoring, Materials Handling, Quality Control and Inspection, Safety Compliance, Work Order Dispatch, Mobile Workforce Communication, Mobile Worker Decision Support, Mobile Worker Situational Awareness, Occupational Health and Safety, Cost Reduction, Automated Environment Digitization, Mobile Workforce Management, Productivity, Process Adherence, Intelligent Information Delivery, Inventory Control, Industrial Process Monitoring & Digital Job Hazard Assessments

Applicable Industries

Shipping, Mining, Construction, Manufacturing & Energy

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