Lumo Lift

Body Location

Worn on the Shoulders & Chest

Primary Application


About Lift

The Lumo Lift is a wearable activity monitor with posture sensing capabilities. Its primary purpose is to vibrate and remind the user when their posture is poor. The synchronized app can then collect the data and inform the user of how good their posture was during the day. The Lift also can act as an activity monitor that reminds the user to get active. This technological device is designed to be discreet. Only consisting of a small pod and a magnetic clasp, the lift can fit in any piece of clothing and can be either hidden or exposed. Lumo offers several clasp designs to choose from, enabling the lift to become a more stylish product. The battery can be completely charged in 2 hours with each charge lasting 5 days.



Device Name



$69.00 USD



Power Source

Rechargeable Battery




iOS & Android

Workplace Applications

Worker Health Monitoring, Workplace Safety, Employee Wellness, Occupational Health and Safety & Cost Reduction

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