Narrative Clip 2

Body Location

Worn on the Chest & Body (Anywhere)

Primary Application


About Narrative Clip 2

The Narrative Clip 2 is a life logging device that can be attached to anywhere on the body to capture moments throughout an individuals day. The device has an 8MP camera 1080p video recording capturing an image every 30 seconds and applying a GPS stamp to it. Videos are recorded up to 30 seconds in length and would need to use the tactile button on the device to begin recoding. Images and videos will be wirelessly uploaded to Narrative's photo-cloud service but they can also be managed and viewed through the Narrative app. The device has an 8GB memory and 30 hours of battery allowing an individual to capture their full day.



Device Name

Narrative Clip 2


$199.00 USD


Camera, Video Camera, Accelerometer, Water Resistant, LED Indicator, GPS & Gyroscope

Power Source

Rechargeable Battery


Bluetooth, WiFi & USB


Android, OSX, iOS & Windows

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