Interlogix MobileView Body Worn Camera

Body Location

Worn on the Chest

Primary Application


About MobileView Body Worn Camera

The MobileView Body Worn Camera, worn on the chest, gives an individual a 140 degree view of the scene. The camera has a 64GB internal memory, pre-record buffering, evidence tagging integrated, infrared LEDS for night vision and built in GPS for support. The device has the ability to record in HD 1080p video and high-resolution snap shots that can both be viewed on the 2"inch LCD screen on the camera. The camera may also be connected via HDMI connector to an HDTV.



Device Name

MobileView Body Worn Camera


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LCD Display, GPS, Button Interface, Camera, Microphone, Water Resistant & Infrared Camera

Power Source

Rechargeable Battery




Windows, Linux & OSX

Workplace Applications

Workplace Security, Injury Prevention, Safety Compliance, Occupational Health and Safety & Cost Reduction

Applicable Industries

Security, Mining, Military & Energy

Workplace Usage Overview

The MobileView Body Worn Camera gives an individual a high resolution video recording or image. The camera has a large memory of 64GB, an 8 hour batter, easy one touch recording and tagging features, GPS tracking and LCD screen for quick review of video or images. The rugged design also allows it be water and dust resistant.

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