Narrative Clip

Body Location

Worn on the Torso & Neck

Primary Application


About Clip

The Narrative Clip (previously dubbed the Memoto) is an automatic camera that continuously captures your life. It takes two geotagged photos every minute and has a capacity of approximately 8000 photos. The camera has a 70° field of view and takes JPEG compressed pictures with a 2560x1920 resolution. Onboard sensors ensure that the wearable device sleeps when it is too dark for a good picture. When connected to a computer or smartphone, the Clip syncs with Narrative's cloud servers. The battery lasts approximately two days and can be charged via the micro-USB port.



Device Name



$279.00 USD


GPS, Accelerometer, Magnetometer, Photo Camera & Compass

Power Source

Rechargeable Battery




Windows, OSX, iOS & Android

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