SmartQ Z-Watch

Body Location

Worn on the Wrist

Primary Application


About Z-Watch

The SmartQ Z-Watch is an Android-based smart-watch that offers hands-free access to data with a 240x240 1.54inch touch-screen display. This wearable device is IP-X7 water resistant and features an extremely low power CPU designed for wearable devices.



Device Name


Consumer Release

October 2013


$99.99 USD


Touch Interface, LCD Display, Button Interface, Accelerometer, Clock, Vibrator & Audio Jack

Power Source

Rechargeable Battery


USB, Bluetooth & WiFi


Android & iOS

Immediate Workplace Benefits

Communication & Safety

Relative Device Scores

Workplace Potential Overview

The SmartQ Z-Watch can act as an excellent tool for communicating mission critical information to front-line workers. Its durable, waterproof casing enables it in out-door environments. Mission critical information can be communicated to the watch over a wireless network. An internal vibrator can act as an excellent way to get a workers attention even when they are distracted with other tasks.

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