X-Doria KidFit

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Worn on the Wrist

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About KidFit

The KidFit is an activity tracker targeted towards activity and sleep analytics specifically for children. This wearable device is capable of synchronizing with iOS and Android phones and no activity information is collected from the device by X-Doria. The KidFit has a textured snap-band design for a comfortable and easy to use design. Daily targets and custom goals can be set for the user and the device's built in goals challenge kids to play harder, go farther, and to rest up. Tracking a child's progress over time can be a useful tool in realising the power of motivation that the KidFit unleashes.


Doria International Inc.

Device Name


Consumer Release

June 2014


$49.99 USD


LED Indicator

Power Source

Rechargeable Battery




iOS & Android

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