Zebra Dart Tag

Body Location

Worn on the Body (Anywhere)

Primary Application


About Zebra Dart Tag

This small device tag can monitor and track the location of assets and personnel visibility in real time using Ultra-Wideband (UWB) technology.


Zebra Technologies

Device Name

Zebra Dart Tag


No Announcement Yet

Power Source

CR2025 Coin Cell


Ultra Wide Band & WiFi



Workplace Applications

Assembly Line Monitoring, Employee Access Management, Materials Handling, Quality Control and Inspection, Indoor Location Tracking, Industrial Process Monitoring, Productivity, Automated Environment Digitization, Occupational Health and Safety, Workplace Security, Cost Reduction, Employee Location Tracking, Lone Worker Monitoring, Digital Zone Board, Short Term Exposure Monitoring, Long Term Exposure Monitoring, Contractor Reconciliation & Intelligent Information Delivery

Applicable Industries

Manufacturing, Shipping & Security

Workplace Usage Overview

This tag technology provides location solutions for any site or industry where accurate tracking of assets or employees are a vital part to business monitoring.

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