Devices That Have a Bone Conduction Speaker

The following devices include one or more Bone Conduction Speakers.

We define "Bone Conduction Speaker" as a device that transmits audio through bone conduction. Sounds are conducted to the inner ear through the bones of the skull.


Worn on the Mouth and used for Medical applications.
The SoundBite is a unique wearable hearing aid designed to be worn on the inside of the mouth. The device consists of two pieces, one goes...

Aquapulse Heart Rate Monitor

Worn on the Ear and used for Fitness & Medical applications.
AquaPulse is a heart rate monitor designed by Finis for swimmers to keep track of their heart rate while swimming. This wearable device can...


Worn on the Head and used for Lifestyle applications.
The OrCam is a visual assistance wearable device that reads and recognizes objects, faces, and places all in real time. The user interacts...

Google Glass

Worn on the Head and used for Lifestyle & Industrial applications.
Google Glass™ is a head-mounted wearable computer, which projects a transparent screen in front of the user’s field of vision. The...

Buhel Helmet Communication System

Worn on the Head and used for Lifestyle applications.
The Buhel D01/D02 is a wearable helmet communication device designed to be integrated into vehicle safety helmets. D01/D02 is unique as it...