Be Bionic

Body Location

Worn on the Arm

Primary Application

Medical, Lifestyle & Industrial

About Be Bionic

The BeBionic hand is an advanced myoelectric wearable prosthetic hand that enables amputees to use multiple grip patterns and adjustable speed control. This wearable device has individual motors for each finger, allowing a natural looking movement. It uses EMG electrodes to detect electric signals in the arm, and powerful microprocessors to compute and translate the data into movements. The BeBionic's technology is capable of 14 different grip patterns and selectable thumb positions.



Device Name

Be Bionic


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EMG Sensor & Motor

Power Source

Rechargeable Battery



Workplace Usage Overview

This device carries potential for workers' productivity as it would allow amputees to perform an array of job that would not usually be accessible to them, or it would improve their abilities on their current job. Also, BeBionic helps with safety on the work site by allowing a more accurate maneuver of the equipment, for example.

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