BEARTek Bluetooth Gloves

Body Location

Worn on the Hand

Primary Application

Lifestyle & Entertainment

About Bluetooth Gloves

The BEARTek Bluetooth Gloves are a waterproof wearable devices that allow the remote control of a camera, music and phone. Paired to a smartphone, the technology can be used in snow sports, motorcycling or everyday activities. A simple touch of the appropriate finger with the thumb is computed by sensors, and the user can access the desired feature without interrupting his/her activity.



Device Name

Bluetooth Gloves


$95.00 USD


Touch Interface

Power Source

Rechargeable Battery


WiFi, Bluetooth & USB


Android, iOS & Windows Mobile

Workplace Usage Overview

BEARTek Gloves have workplace potential in communication as they allow easy access to communication features such as calls and messages. They also have potential for productivity by providing an easy access to information, as well as for safety because they can be used as protection gloves.

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