BSX Insight

Body Location

Worn on the Legs

Primary Application


About BSX Athletics

The BSX Insight is a wearable sensor that can be paired to a sports smartwatch or smartphone in order to record heart rate, lactate threshold, cadence, pace and calories burned. The system also computes the lactate threshold of the user, which indicates endurance performance. BSX Insight transmits vital information using ANT+ and Bluetooth connectivity. This wearable device is placed on the leg within a stylish and comfortable sleeve, and can be used for physical exercise monitoring and body-related data analysis.


BSX Insight

Device Name

BSX Athletics


$299.00 USD


Lactic Threshold Sensor, Oximeter & Heart Rate Monitor

Power Source

Rechargeable Battery


Bluetooth & ANT+



Workplace Usage Overview

The device can improve productivity in the workplace by improving physical aptitudes. It can also be used as a training tool by athletes, for example, to better understand body data and enhance performance. Finally, BSX can prevent bodily harm to occur by measuring and controlling critical physiological data.

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