Catapult OptimEye S5

Body Location

Worn on the Legs & Feet

Primary Application

Fitness & Medical

About OptimEye S5

The Catapult Optimeye S5 is a wearable activity monitor designed for athletes. The device's objective is to accurately monitor and compute every possible physical parameter of the athlete. The technology has been designed to be robust and comfortably worn on the athlete's upper back. The OptimEye S5 is a vital device for understanding the modern athlete.



Device Name

OptimEye S5


$300.00 USD


Accelerometer, Magnetometer, Gyroscope, GPS, Heart Rate Monitor & Compass

Power Source

Rechargeable Battery





Workplace Usage Overview

This device has potential as a cost-reduction tool because it can prevent injury-related costs. In the same manner it can be used as a safety device by warning athletes and coaches about improper training practices that could lead to injury for example. It can also serve as a training tool and identify the personalized training programs that are most appropriate for the user. Finally, Optimeye S5 can benefit health by alerting of any unusual physical data.

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