Cinemizer OLED

Body Location

Worn on the Head

Primary Application

Gaming & Entertainment

About Cinemizer OLED

The Cinemizer OLED by Zeiss is a virtual-reality pair of glasses designed for 3D video entertainment. Cinemizer OLED can be used with various devices such as blu-ray player, gaming consoles, computers and smartphones. The technology also allows the users to change the lens based on their prescription. The wearable device is built for comfort thanks to its low weight and soft silicone nose pad.


Carl Zeiss

Device Name

Cinemizer OLED


No Announcement Yet


OLED Display & Gyroscope

Power Source

Rechargeable Battery




iOS, Windows & OSX

Workplace Applications

Virtual Training, Site Surveying, Industrial Training, Cost Reduction & Automated Environment Digitization

Applicable Industries

Mining, Energy & Construction

Workplace Usage Overview

Cinemizer OLED can be used as a training tool: it can recreate a virtual workplace setting for a safer and more accurate version of the real-life on-site training. It can also be used as a visual interface for remote-drone control, which can be used for more efficient site surveying.

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