EQ02 LifeMonitor

Body Location

Worn on the Chest & Torso

Primary Application


About EQ02 LifeMonitor

The EQ02 LifeMonitor is a multi parameter, ambulatory monitoring device. It is designed with precision to deliver accurate, mobile human condition and performance data. The LifeMonitor senses, records, monitors and intelligently processes data captured from the human and is able to transmit this over a wireless or wired interface. The EQ02 LifeMonitor has two components: the Sensor Electronics Module (SEM) and the Sensor Belt. The sensor belt positions the SEM on the left side of the chest. The Sensor belt is available in a range of sizes and it can be worn 24hrs/day and is machine washable.



Device Name

EQ02 LifeMonitor


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Accelerometer, Button Interface, Clock, ECG Sensor, Heart Rate Monitor, Infrared Sensor, LED Display, Pedometer, Respiratory Monitor, Thermometer, Touch Interface, Ingestible Core Pill Interface, GPS, PPG Sensor, Temperature Sensor & EKG Sensor

Power Source

Rechargeable Battery


Bluetooth, Proprietary & USB


Android, Blackberry, Windows, Windows Mobile, Tetra & SatComms

Workplace Applications

Mobile Workforce Monitoring, Worker Health Monitoring, Workplace Safety, Monitoring Vital Signs, Occupational Health and Safety, Cost Reduction, Mobile Workforce Communication, Mobile Workforce Management & Productivity

Applicable Industries

Mining, Construction, Shipping, Energy & Military

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