Game Golf

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Worn on the Waist

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About Game Golf

The Game Golf designed by Active Mind Technology is a wearable digital tracking system used by golfers. This wearable device is worn on the belt and analyses golf swings by simply tapping the tags installed on the golf clubs against the wearable device. The golfing data, such as shot locations and distances, can be viewed on the computer and mobile devices. The statistics component of the data and can be compared and analyzed so that golfers can improve their game.


Active Mind Technology

Device Name

Game Golf


$249.00 USD



Power Source

Rechargeable Battery





Workplace Usage Overview

This device designed specifically for golfers can be used as a training and productivity tool in the professional golfing sector. Indeed, the Game Golf will enable users to perfect their style and technique in order to practice and maximize their performance on the green. Finally, by identifying proper positions and techniques while golfing, the device can help preserve the physical health of its user.

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