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Worn on the Waist

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About Back

The Lumo Back by Lumo BodyTech is a wearable posture and activity sensor that monitors a user's posture throughout the day and coaches them to improve. It is worn comfortably underneath or over any clothes, and vibrates when it detects that the user has slouched. This hi-tech device can also keep track of other daily activities including steps taken, time spent sitting, calories burned, as well as sleeping habits. The battery lasts up to 4-5 days on a single charge.


LUMO Body Tech

Device Name



$149.95 USD



Power Source

Rechargeable Battery


Bluetooth & USB


iOS & Android

Workplace Applications

Worker Health Monitoring, Workplace Safety, Employee Wellness, Occupational Health and Safety & Cost Reduction

Applicable Industries

Shipping, Manufacturing & Construction

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