Body Location

Worn on the Head

Primary Application

Lifestyle, Gaming, Entertainment & Fitness

About GlassUp

The GlassUp is a wearable glasses that can display incoming emails, notifications and text messages. The GlassUp is compatible with most smart phones. It can send text messages via Bluetooth, the texts can be displayed on the wearable device. The messages are displayed on the right sides of the glasses on a resolution of 320x240. The company is working on developing Apps that will be compatible with the wearable device such as translator and GPS.



Device Name


Consumer Release

September 2014


$399.00 USD


Accelerometer, Magnetometer & Ambient Light Sensor

Power Source

Rechargeable Battery




iOS, Android & Windows Mobile

Immediate Workplace Benefits

Productivity, Communication & Training

Workplace Potential Overview

This device can be used for training in the workplace as it can display information directly in front of the user's eyes. Workers would be able to read warning texts from their manager when they are about to mishandle an equipment for example. Also, communication can be enhanced by GlassUp because it allows easy access to smart phones' features in a hand free and instant manner. Finally, the device has potential to improve productivity because it quickens response time to incoming calls and texts, and promotes multitasking by freeing the users' hands.

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