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TUNE is a unique wearable device for runners providing meaningful and new information on your running form. It makes visible the often invisible – your feet’s behavior on the ground, making you aware of what to do to run better. Each one of us has particular physical and running characteristics. No athlete, male or female, is equal. TUNE detects those unique factors to build a personalized Running Plan which optimizes running form. TUNE is the first system on the market that combines performance and form in real running environments, allowing you to understand what to do to keep evolving.



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€200.00 EUR


Pressure Sensor & Accelerometer

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Rechargeable Battery




Android, iOS, OSX, Windows & Android Wear

Workplace Usage Overview

TUNE monitors runners' feet behaviour on the ground through in-shoe sensors; feet symmetry analysis regarding ground-contact time, heel-contact, foot strike; combines feet information with GPS parameters: speed, distance and running map; provides a customized running plan built using running data and the runner profile. TUNE fits all running shoes, from all brands.

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