Spectrum XLI Field Survey Pack

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Worn on the Torso

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About Field Survey Pack

The Spectrum XLI Survey Pack is a custom designed harness that can be fitted with Spectrum XLI's modular components. Spectrum XLI offers field solutions for the Oil and Gas sector. This includes GPS/GIS monitoring, mapping, of oil and gas lines as well as land status, water depth, leak detection, and pipeline integrity analysis. This wearable device allows workers to operate comfortably and efficiently in remote locations. In addition to the technological compatibilities, the Survey Pack comes with a water bottle holder, pockets for accessories and tools, a radio holster, and can come with additional pockets and holsters.


Spectrum XLI

Device Name

Field Survey Pack


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GPS, Laser Position Sensor, AC/DC RMS Volt Meter & Sonar Sensor

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Workplace Applications

Site Surveying, Automated Environment Digitization & Cost Reduction

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