SunSprite Personal Light Tracker

Body Location

Worn on the Body (Anywhere)

Primary Application

Lifestyle, Industrial, Medical & Fitness

About SunSprite Personal Light Tracker

SunSprite is a wearable personal light tracker, developed by doctors, that provides valuable insight to an individual on much light they have been exposed to throughout the day. The device has a simple button interface with LED lights that indicates the percentage of light that an individual has been exposed to that day. The sensor is fully solar powered and uses Bluetooth Technology to generate reports that can be seen on an Apple or Android device through the SunSprite App.


GoodLux Technology LLC

Device Name

SunSprite Personal Light Tracker


$99.99 USD


LED Indicator, Button Interface, Ultraviolet Light Sensor & Visible Light Sensor

Power Source

Solar Power




iOS & Android

Workplace Applications

Occupational Health and Safety, Employee Wellness, Worker Health Monitoring, Worker Behavior Research, Workplace Rehabilitation & Cost Reduction

Applicable Industries

Healthcare, Construction, Energy, Forestry, Manufacturing, Military, Mining & Retail

Workplace Usage Overview

The SunSprite Personal Light Tracker gives an accurate update on how much light an individual has received throughout the day. It provides information about visible light and ultra violet light and gives useful feedback of an individual’s current exposure and their progress towards certain goals. The device can be placed anywhere on the body and can be easily clipped on to any clothing.

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