Canada Energy Supply Chain Forum 2014

Canada 3.0 Supports Vandrico

Feature image courtesy of: MarcelaPalma via Compfight cc

With the support of Canada 3.0, Vandrico’s VP Business Development - Jeff Appelbe - flew north to join the exciting national conversation taking place at the Canada Energy Supply Chain Forum held in Calgary, Alberta this October.

The annual forum, which began in 2013 with the combining of the National Buyer/Seller (NBSF) and the Alberta Institute of the Purchasing Management Association of Canada Annual Conference (AIPMAC), brought together 900 diverse attendees representing close to 500 private and public organizations. All of them there to explore the future of Canada’s energy supply chain in the Canadian and international context.

The 2.5 day event, which entailed over 70 guest speakers and networking opportunities, also hosted a tradeshow. This provided Vandrico the opportunity to showcase their unique Canary platform, created to optimize the safety, interconnectivity and productivity of any enterprise using or considering wearable technologies in the workplace.

The creation and popularity of the Canada Energy Supply Chain Forum both point to a shift in thinking taking place not only in the energy industry but also across the business world: no man is an island.

Put more elaborately: The continued success of an individual company – let alone an entire industry - will require more active engagement (at the B2B, academic and governmental levels), collaborative innovation and awareness of the increasing interrelationships and synergistic opportunities in the Canadian energy landscape.