Smart For Work™ Services

A Proven Process for Wearables & IoT Strategic Planning
  • Save Time and Money on Your Innovation Strategy
  • Validate New Opportunities in Your Workplace Environment
  • Built on Leading-Edge Processes for Business Innovation
  • Championed by the Stanford Design School, IDEO and Google
  • Achieve Definitive and Actionable Results In as Little as One Day

A Structured Approach to New Technology

Vandrico's approach to innovation uses leading-edge thinking and agile development practices that are proven to save time and money. The team begins with a Discovery Day, which helps to focus opportunities provided by a new technology towards relevant problems in your organization. This leads into various Validation Sprints, which can provide definitive results and address unforeseen issues or benefits with user validation.

Discovery Day

Vandrico's Discovery Day is a 1-day workshop that combines education with a brainstorming process, and results in actionable-information for your company. At the end of day, your company will have a ranked set of opportunities for solving real internal issues with today's wearable and IoT capabilities.

Validation Workshop

Vandrico's Validation Workshop is a 5-day process that focuses on solving one of your business challenges with emerging technology, and results in a user-tested answer to whether or not it can improve your business. At the end of each sprint, your company will receive a data-backed report that outlines a pass or fail result, along with the estimate of costs involved to pilot or implement the solution.


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