Vandrico Partners with Canadian Telecom, Telus

Vandrico Partners with Telus

Vandrico has partnered with Telus to bring wearable technology solutions to their enterprise clients.

The two companies will work together to solve IoT and operational challenges at organizations that currently utilize Telus' products and services.

"Wearable technology represents the world of tomorrow for many businesses. We trust the team at Vandrico to come up with solutions for enterprise clients that want to address their operational challenges." says Paola Telfer, Senior Strategic Account Manager at Telus.

Vandrico will be engaging Telus' enterprise clients using their proprietary Smart for Work™ innovation advisory program. The program is designed to identify difficult operational challenges that can be solved using IoT and Wearable Technology solutions. Vandrico's software platform, Canary, plays an important role in enabling rapid prototyping and fast user validation.

"We are excited to work with Telus and help drive IoT and wearable technology innovation in the Canadian enterprise market." says Vandrico's CEO, Gonzalo Tudela.