BPM Physio

Body Location

Worn on the Body (Anywhere)

Primary Application

Medical & Fitness

About BPM Physio

The BPM physio is a wearable advanced fitness and medical device that utilizes sensors to make real-time and accurate measurements of how the body moves. The sensors can be placed on different parts of the body and allow the visualization of its different movements. The device then computes and translates them into live animated graphics, which can be viewed on a computer or a tablet.

BPMpro sensors contain Biomaster®, an effective silver-based and anti-microbial technology proven to reduce bacterial growth by 99.99% within 2 hours. The hi tech sensors are sealed against sweat ingress and are made from non-marking, soft and flexible plastics, and is CE-approved as well. The sensors are light (21 g), small (48x38x24 mm), robust (32 G shock tested), and provide a resolution of 0.001g.

The BPMpro auto-connects wirelessly to PCs & Windows-based tablets. The device works with BPMphysio, a body measurement software that incorporates a user-friendly touch interface.


270 Vision Ltd.

Device Name

BPM Physio


£250.00 GBP


Accelerometer, Barometer, Button Interface, Gesture Interface, Gyroscope, Magnetometer, Pedometer, Pressure Sensor & Compass

Power Source

Rechargeable Battery




Windows, Android & iOS

Workplace Usage Overview

The device can be used in professional physical training, and also carries safety benefits as it allows tracking, measurement and control of critical body data.

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