Dash Earphones

Body Location

Worn on the Ear

Primary Application

Fitness & Lifestyle

About Dash

The Dash by BRAGI LLC. is a pair of smart Bluetooth earphones. While providing an exceptional audio experience to the user, they also analyse activity levels via step count, oxygen saturation of the blood and heart-rate monitoring. The earphones' bone-conduction microphone allows the user to communicate with others regardless of the ambient noise. Coupled to a smartphone application, the wearable device also tracks fitness performance and gives real-time feedback to the user.



Device Name



$179.00 USD


Infrared Sensor, Thermometer, Bone Conduction Mic, Accelerometer, Touch Interface, LED Display, Audio Speaker, Oximeter, Heart Rate Monitor & Temperature Sensor

Power Source

Rechargeable Battery




iOS & Android

Workplace Applications

Mobile Workforce Communication, Mobile Workforce Management & Productivity

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