Body Location

Worn on the Shoulders, Legs, Back & Thighs

Primary Application

Medical & Fitness

About DorsaVi

The Dorsa Vi is a suite of wireless wearable sensors that measure movement and muscle activity and provide real-time bio feed-back. The sensors can be placed in multiple location of the body. This hi-tech device comes in three packages which are ViMove designed for clinicians, ViSafe for employees to track their injuries at work and ViPerform for sporting and fitness usage.



Device Name



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Power Source

Rechargeable Battery




Windows & OSX

Workplace Usage Overview

This device can be used for cost-reduction, safety and health in the workplace as it prevents bodily harm and allows maintenance of health, decreasing time and money spent on addressing work-related physical problems. Finally, it can be used for training reasons as a tool to promote safe management and usage of the body abilities when at work.

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