EPOC Neuroheadset

Body Location

Worn on the Head

Primary Application

Lifestyle, Entertainment & Gaming

About EPOC Neuroheadset

The Emotiv Neuroheadset is a neuro-signal acquisition personal interface for human and computer interaction. It uses sensors to detect electric signals produced by the brain to detect player thoughts, feelings and expressions. It can be connected wirelessly to most PCs. The neuroheadset can be used for controlling an electric wheelchair, a keyboard and playing hands-free games. The wearable device comes with two options, one is with the EPOC package and the other is the EEG package. The EEG options has all the benefits of EPOC plus access to raw EEG data.



Device Name

EPOC Neuroheadset


$799.00 USD


Gyroscope & EEG Sensor

Power Source

Rechargeable Battery & External Source


WiFi, USB & Bluetooth


Windows, OSX, Linux, Android & iOS

Workplace Applications

Worker Health Monitoring, Occupational Health and Safety & Cost Reduction

Workplace Usage Overview

The EPOC Neuroheadset is designed for advanced brain research. It records and measures an individual's brainwaves in real time and provides invaluable data with how their brain is functioning.

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