Huawei Talkband B2

Body Location

Worn on the Wrist & Head

Primary Application


About Talkband B2

The Huawei TalkBand B2 combines a Bluetooth headset and fitness tracker into one wrist worn device. It has a display resolution of 128x88 pixels.The Bluetooth headset component can be removed from the wrist strap to be worn in the ear, and is easily replaced using a snap-fit mechanism. This wearable device is also the first third party device that is compatible with Jawbone's powerful Up software, which enables the user to benefit from Jawbone's smart coaching features and daily health insights.



Device Name

Talkband B2


$179.00 USD


Microphone, Audio Speaker, Accelerometer & OLED Display

Power Source

Rechargeable Battery




iOS & Android

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