Duo Fertility

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About Duo Fertility

The DuoFertility is a device that maximizes the chances of pregnancy naturally by measuring the body basal temperature which shifts upwards during ovulation. Using this information, the DuoFertility will know when to alert the user the time of the ovulation up to six days in advance. The DuoFertiltiy has a wireless wearable sensor that continuously monitors minute changes in the body. This hi-tech device is small, safe and comfortable to wear. The sensor can be transferred to the monitor for clear indication of fertility.


Cambridge Temperature Concepts Ltd

Device Name

Duo Fertility


£899.00 GBP



Power Source

Disposable Battery & Rechargeable Battery




Windows & OSX

Workplace Usage Overview

This device has potential in the medical workplace as a cost-reduction and productivity tool, because it reduces maximizes the chances to get pregnant and diminishes regular treatment or waiting time. It also has potential application for health as it allows the woman to identify her body's optimal time to fall pregnant.

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