Deloitte and Canada Post test Wearables for 'Scanning and Sorting'

Could leading Smart Glasses replace traditional scan & sort technology at Canada Post?

Canada Post wanted to know if Smart Glasses could beat the speed of their current technology in processing packages. Using Canary, and our scan and sort module, we integrated a variety of head mounted devices to the solution.

The results? Current smart glasses aren't built for this application and took much longer to register the bar code. 

A new solution: smart watch & ring scanner pairing

Instead, we integrated a Smart Watch, paired a ring-scanner with the watch, and started testing.

The result? Hands down, the best solution for scanning bar codes. The watch gives personalized instructions to each worker and acts as a hub for any connected devices necessary. In this case a bar code, in others, heart rate monitors etc.

The Smart Watch is the most effective digital hub, for locating, informing and integrating your workforce with your processes.  It is an open hub enabling the adding of new sensors or devices to your worker network.

Comparative solutions are more costly, bulky and non-ergonomic. In the end, this SmartWatch & Ring Scanner combination yields the fastest Scan & Sort results.

This 2 week experiment, demonstrates Vandrico's agile integration and user interface design process, at work. Quick iterations on the User Interface were made possible by our robust, Design Thinking based process and the Canary Software Suite.