Enterprise Wearables: The Opportunity in Industrial Hardware

The current buzz word IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) or as some refer to it as “Industry 4.0,” is increasingly growing in influence. It’s the computerization of industrial processes, and it’s expected to be big.

Vandrico is in the business of developing software that makes data a sixth sense. We do this by gathering data and translating it into actionable insights aimed at improving safety and productivity.

To achieve this, we need wearable devices that can meet our industrial clients' standards. Nowadays, Fitness and Lifestyle wearable tech devices have the most available options. The problem is that most of them are designed for consumers. This consumer-focused technology brings risks involving privacy, security, functionality, and durability. Although these issues may not be a problem in everyday fitness settings, they could be detrimental in industrial environments.

The problem we are facing in today’s industrial sector is the shortage of suitable wearable technology devices. In fact, our wearable database contains only 39 devices in the industrial category. And of these, Vandrico has deemed only a handful suitable for our clients’ environments. This is a steep contrast to the 251 lifestyle devices.


Average Price of Wearable Devices vs Number of Available Devices


Another setback for wearable devices in the industrial sector is that they have a significantly higher price point. The cost of these devices is over twice as much as those in the medical sector and about seven times as much as those intended for everyday use. This fact demonstrates a massive opportunity for growth in the industrial hardware sector of the wearable technology market.

We believe that now is the time for enterprises to invest in wearable technology. The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) revolution that we have all heard about is happening now.

Through effective implementation of wearable devices, the future of enterprises will be smarter, safer, and better connected. We are eagerly looking forward to seeing what wearable devices will hit the market in the near future.

At Vandrico, we recognize the challenges delaying the implementation of wearable devices in the workplace. We would like to accelerate the IoT revolution through collaboration with hardware manufacturers.

Do you have an industrial wearable device that you believe can pass our one-week durability test in an underground mine? If so, then we want to hear from you!


This is an opportunity to:

  • Be the chosen hardware manufacturer for a full mining project, deployment in Q1 2017

  • Be featured on our Wearables Database

  • Receive in-field enterprise user feedback


Applications are open until August 30, 2016

Finalist will be selected on September 6, 2016