Vandrico CEO Joins Wearables Panel at VEF

Last night, Vandrico CEO Gonzalo Tudela joined a panel of executives at VIFF’s Vancity Theatre charged with discussing the current state of wearable technology. The event also hosted lightning pitches – limited to 100 seconds – presented by promising Vancouver entrepreneurs looking for feedback on their respective endeavours. Pitchers included Christopher Chong (SST Wireless), Laura Moe (Tzoa), Louis-Victor Jadavji (Wiivv Wearables), Dallas Luther (Maker Labs), Sarah Goodman (iHeart) and Craig Slagel (RunGo).

Following the pitches, the floor was given over to the panel moderated by Pooya Kazerouni, President at Linquet. The topic: “Wearable Tech - What’s Hot?” The 160+ in attendance heard the personal insights of:

  • Dan Eisenhardt, President & CEO at Recon Instruments
  • Nadeem Kassam, Director at Zynik Capital Corporation
  • Sean Kerklaan, CEO at Fatigue Science
  • Gonzalo Tudela, CEO at Vandrico
  • Mark Gorelick, Director of Product Science & Innovation at Mio Global


Panelists shared their experiences related the challenges of participating in such a new industry, the benefits and nuances of doing business in Vancouver, securing the right talent, finding funding and more. The discussion concluded with a live Q&A.

This event brought together the top ranks of wearable tech in Vancouver, revealing just how diverse and burgeoning the local industry is with a bright view on where it’s headed.