Wearable Devices That Have a Thermometer

The following devices include a Thermometer.

We define "thermometer" as the device that measures temperature.

Basis Peak

Worn on the Wrist and used for Fitness & Lifestyle applications.
The Basis Peak is a health and fitness tracker designed to analyse and record the number of steps taken, calories burned, heart rate,...

Sproutling Baby Monitor

Worn on the Ankle and used for Lifestyle & Medical applications.
The Sproutling Baby Monitor is a wearable device designed for infants from 0 to 18 months old. This technology is used to sense an infant's...

Metria IH1

Worn on the Arm and used for Fitness & Medical applications.
The Metria IH1 is a disposable wearable device that detects the user's skin temperature and activity. This piece of technology is worn on...

Voyce Dog Monitor

Worn on the Neck and used for Pets Animals applications.
The Voyce Dog monitor is a wearable device for dogs that measures key vital signs and overall health. The hi-tech monitor can measure heart...


Worn on the Torso and used for Fitness, Lifestyle & Industrial applications.
The Hexoskin is a hi tech fabric shirt with built-in sensors that can measure fitness data such as heart rate, breathing rate and step...

Dash Earphones

Worn on the Ear and used for Fitness & Lifestyle applications.
The Dash by BRAGI LLC. is a pair of smart Bluetooth earphones. While providing an exceptional audio experience to the user, they also...

Qardio QardioCore

Worn on the Chest and used for Fitness & Medical applications.
The QardioCore is a wearable device on the waist that detects and measures heart rate, physical activity and body temperature. This...

O-Synce Screeneye X

Worn on the Head and used for Fitness applications.
The O-Synce Screeneye X is a wearable augmented-reality heads up display used in sports training. The technological device is integrated...